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Easy Step-By-Step Instructions

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If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. The instructions have been made as clear as possible and so far we’ve had thousands of excellent feedback regarding how simple the step-by-step instructions were.

  • Don’t jeopardize your PS3 console by installing a modchip
  • Jailbreak directly from any OFW (Official Firmware) like 4.65
  • Simple Step-By-Step Instructions to Jailbreak your PS3
  • Dedicated customer support ensures you are up and ready to go
  • Thousands of customers reported it took only minutes to Jailbreak
  • You always have the option to undo the Jailbreak at any time
  • No downgrade is necessary


We've helped thousands of PS3 owners Jailbreak their PS3

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Way better than buying the modchip to jailbreak my PS3...thanks guys!
Sean Rolands
Sean Rolands
Super awesome! Thank you it worked!
Josh Patel
Josh Patel
It was very easy to do.
Stephanie Bonerberger
Stephanie Bonerberger

Jailbreak any PS3 of any OFW

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